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XYLITOL - A Nature's Sunshine Product:

Xylitol is a sweetener (polyol) found in many fruits and vegetables and is even produced by the human body during normal carbohydrate metabolism. It is usually manufactured from birch trees, corn stalks or other natural xylan-rich sources, and adds a pleasant taste to the product. It is the sweetest of all bulk sugar substitutes. and matches sucrose in bulk and sweetness without the calories. (it has 40% less calories) It has no aftertaste. It also has a cooling effect in the mouth and is great coupled with citrus and mint flavours.


Xylitol has been used in products for years and is found in sugar free chewing gum and lollies etc. It is approved for use in many foods, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics in many countries. Other products it is used in include syrups and chewable tablets, oral hygiene products such as toothpastes and mouthwashes, and dietetic and diabetic foods. The molecule contains only 5 carbon atoms while most other sugars are found to have 6 , and this is what makes the difference in benefits.

Dental researchers involved in scientific studies over a period of more than 30 years, have advocated Xylitol to be valuable in the fight against tooth decay.

German and French researchers were the first to attempt producing Xylitol over 100 years ago, producing a syrup, but it has been known about since the late 1800ís. Somewhere around World war 2 it was produced in crystalline form.


Before the 1970ís, xylitol was used primarily in diabetic diets and infusion therapy of post-operative, burn and shock patients in European and Asian countries. In 1974 Finland produced the first large scale production of the substance followed by the first sugar free chewing gum in 1975 followed by the USA.



Good for everyone including diabetics:
Xylitol is a low-glycaemic sweetener and is metabolized independently of insulin. It is a good substitute for those who are experiencing insulin surges after eating carbohydrates, known as "pre diabetic" and diabetic. If you are eating carbs, especially of the starchy or sugar variety, and you experience extreme hunger for more of those foods, it is usually due to the unbalanced surge of insulin that the starch and sugar produced, and when that happens the body demands more of that food to counteract the extra insulin. Then it can happen again and again in the same meal. Time to change from those foods that are particularly stimulating to each individual? It has a glycemic index of only 7. Xylitol is metabolized without insulin so it creates a significantly lower glycemic effect when eaten.


Cavities: In addition to not causing cavities Xylitol Helps inhibit the ability of bacteria to adhere to tissues in the mouth and cannot be metabolized by bacteria. This slows down the process that creates harmful, enamel-eating acids. It resists fermentation by oral bacteria, reduces plaque formation, increases salivary flow to aid in the repair of damaged tooth enamel and complements fluoride in oral hygiene products.


Xylitol has been recommended by several dental associations worldwide through endorsement of sugar-free confectionery products, in which xylitol constitutes at least 50% of the total sweetener.


CAUTION: Do not give to pets


The Mints and Gums are no longer in NZ.





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