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Start slowly... This will give you a chance to see if you react in a negative way to any substance, and will also enable you to see if it is going to increase your visits to the toilet. This applies especially to anyone new to taking herbs and also anyone with lots of sensitivities (Licorice Root does actually work on the villi in the bowel so there can be a difference in the stool. This is not a side effect).


Allow Time... Things don't happen overnight usually, although everyone is different, and there may be some with very good digestion and absorption who do notice effects very quickly. If that is the case these types probably do not need as high a dose as the slower ones.


Mucous... Herbs can sometimes produce a runny nose. It can be an elimination of excess mucous that is necessary to cleanse the system.


Dosage... Work up from a low dosage to the dosage on the bottle unless you have been specifically told by a health professional not to take the full dose, or there is some other reason you do not want to. (eg. You may be one who never needs a full dose because of better digestion and/or assimilation than others).


Water... Take a full glass of water, preferably purified water, with your herbs. This allows for the dissolving process. The herbs are freeze dried and bulk up in water, so you need enough according to how many you are taking at one time. You can drink juice instead if you prefer, but try to avoid taking them with milk, soda, coffee, tea or any caffeine drinks. Liquid Chlorophyll is also great as it adds to the nutrition levels.


Meals... It is good to take the herbs just before eating or while eating to balance the herbs with food for more complete nutrition. This will also hold the herbs down. Sometimes there is a repeating (burping) when taken by themselves. Once again it depends on the individual digestion and the type of herb taken. With hot foods like cayenne (called Capsicum on the bottles) it is very wise to have it with food, as otherwise it may get hot during bowel movements.


Vomiting... You should never vomit with herb taking. Stop taking it as it is incompatible for you. If you feel a little nauseous stay on a very low dose and work up gradually, or stop altogether and start again later with minute doses. This will allow time for your liver to handle the new addition. Usually it is the liver that is the problem when nausea and vomiting occur with foods and herbs. The liver could be weak in its workings or overburdened in some way. (If you are taking a substance with the express purpose of causing vomiting, then that is a different matter).


Frequency... You usually don't need to continue on taking herbs once you are feeling right again. It is better to take herbs as necessary. If you do not use the whole bottle up it can be stored for very long times for future use, and it is really good to keep some on hand so that you are prepared for the next session, especially if it is something that comes around a lot .eg . hay fever and other allergies, and also if you are prone to forming mucous type illnesses such as colds. Then at the first sign of it returning you can nip it in the bud. With the Vitamins and Minerals it's OK to stay on them longer as they are different to herbs, although some have herbs in the formula.


What meals to take them with... What is convenient for you. Usually breakfast, and any other meal that you are home for, is the most convenient. At work it could be a bother to cart them there and then fish them out to swallow. One can divide the dosages up to suit the circumstances.

If you are taking herbs that increase the flow of urine it is better perhaps not to take at night.

If you are taking one for the bowels that could also apply, but some do take that at night.

For that matter, especially if you are trying something new to you, for urine or bowels, it is best to start when you are at home all day.


Storage... Keep in a cool spot in the room, out of the sun and dampness. Keep the lid on tight. If the product ever smells rancid, damp or mouldy, then it is the very best to throw them out. (safely though, as children should not have access to the herbs).


Digestive enzymes... When eating cooked food, where all enzymes are destroyed in the cooking process, it is a good thing to take enzymes with the meal. (especially as you enter the “older' age group). If you are having a large salad with the cooked food, the need is lessened considerably.


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