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Some of the organs listed here have many products listed. These have various actions and it is better to click on the links to see what is most suitable for an individual situation. Don't forget to read the precautions on each product page that you visit.


Remember to seek advice first or abstain if you are on drugs of any description or if you are pregnant or lactating. Seek advice if necessary when choosing herbs for children.





ADRENAL GLANDS: (endocrine glands sitting on top of the kidneys). Responsible for the handling of inner stress levels and the flight, fight or freeze response in unexpected circumstances. Adrenaline is one hormone produced by this gland and is necessary for many functions in the body including the heart and arteries and kidney function as well.


Products as nutrition: Licorice Root, Adrenal Support, Nervous Fatigue (chinese), Master Gland, Vit B Complex (capsules), Vit B Complex balanced, Pantothenic Acid.

APPENDIX: The two products below work very well together for a niggling appendix and even one that has gone a bit beyond the niggling stage. If choosing only one of them IGS-11 would be preferred for myself.


If in extreme pain though, with or without vomiting, see your health professional or go to the emergency department. Call an ambulance if necessary. A burst appendix can be lethal.


Products as nutrition:: IGS 11 (4 herbs, to reduce inflammation, immune system), Echinacea (1 herb).

ARTERIES: For people on a very good diet and who are not consuming transfats (cooked oils and margarine based products), the build up of deposits may not be too bad. Calcium  deposits are a problem for many as well as cholesterol deposits though. These two items can stick to any inflammation in the arteries and clog, causing a blockage which in turn can cause a stroke or heart attack.


Not for people on blood thinners or other heart and circulation drugs.


Products as nutrition: Guggul lipid (soften the buildup), Mega-Chel (gently "claw' the buidup off), Wood Betony (dilate the arteries).

BLADDER: For a weak sphinctre which can cause leakage "White Oak Bark" is an astringent herb which can tighten and tone. For UTI (urinary tract infection) "IGS-11" may be helpful.


Products as nutrition: Asparagus, Burdock (infection), Cornsilk,  Cranberry/Buchu Concentrate (UTI), Hydrangea (gravel), IGS-11 (infection), Parsley (fluid retention), JP-X (detox), K (Kidney Activator), White Oak Bark (sphinctre).

BONES: Calciums are so important to keep the levels of calcium up in the body for bone health and also for the health of many other systems, including the heart. " Femme Enhance" wild yam cream is for progesterone levels and may also help bone health.


Products as nutrition: Anti-Inflam (pain), Calcium /Magnesium with Vit D, Devils Claw, Everflex (joints), Fibralgia (bone strength), Glucosamine/Una De' Gato, Herbal CA (calcium), IF Relief (an anti inflam), Liquid Calcium, MSM (tabs), MSM (powder), NSP Joint Food, Skeletal Strength (SKL), Yucca.

BOWEL: Of primary importance to the health of the entire system. If the bowel is clogged nutrients cannot be utilised fully. The clogging can also cause severe problems within the bowel itself.


Products as nutrition: All Cell Detox, Artemesia (parasites), Bowel Build, Black Walnut (parasites), Bentonite Clay (liquid product, detox), Cascara Sagrada, Chinese Cleanse, Clean Start, CLT-X, Dieters Cleanse, Herbal Pumpkin (parasittes), Intestinal Soothe and Build, Psyllium Hulls (capsules), Psyllium hulls (bulk), SF, Slippery Elm (soothe).

BRAIN: There are many aspects to brain function, depression and memory problems being outstanding.


Products as nutrition: Brain Protex (memory), Ginkgo/Gotu Kola with Bacopa (concentrated, great for stress and depression), Gingko Biloba Extract time release (arterial help to thebrain), Gotu Kola (depression/brain food), Lecithin (short term memory). Focus Attention (keeping focused and sharp, also attention span), Adaptasmax (adjust to changes in life), Sam-e (mood).

ENDOCRINE GLANDS: See some of the individual glands as a seperate item.


Products as nutrition: Master Gland (reproductive, thyroid, pituitary, adrenal, and pineal glands together as a whole, working together harmoniously).

EARS: Infections are a common occurrence the ears, especially in children. If it is simply a buidup of wax that is causing a problem the use of sweet almond oil, from health shops, not only softens the wax but can reduce any pain in the area. Heat a spoon and pour a little oil in to warm it. Be careful and don't put hot oil into ears.


Products as nutrition: Echinacea (internally for infection), Ginkgo Biloba (increase circulation to the ears and may help tinnitis), IGS-11 (internally for infection, not children), Olive Leaf Extract, Silver Shield (for applying within the ear in the case of infection).

EYES: All sorts of problems can arise with the eyes. Dry eyes, poor night vision, painful eyes especially after eye strain from working under artificial lights. Short and far sighted visions need a different kind of treatment including eye exercises.


Products as nutrition: Bilberry, (circulation, night blindness), Eyebright (internal and as an eye wash), EW (eye circulation), Perfect Eyes (floaters, night blindness), Silver Shield (eye drops/wash-bacterial infection).

GALL BLADDER: Problems such as pain from stones and billiousness may be helped.


Products as nutrition: Dandelion, Gall Bladder Formula (BLG-X), Liver Cleanse (LIV-A~deals with liver, kidneys, gall bladder and pancreas),  Milk thistle Combination, St Mary's Thistle (milk thistle).

HAIR:  There are all sorts of problems with hair including dryness, coarseness, loss of colour and thinning. When it comes to some problems look to your hair products and make sure they are the best for you. Watch out for ingredients such as Sodium Laurel sulphate, Sodium Laureth Sulphate, Petroleum products such as Paraffin Oil, Propylene Glycol, Glycerine. These can have a detrimental effect. If I knew for sure what could restore colour I would certainly share it. (dietary factors come into this problem). For thinning, the hormones may be playing a role as we know it does for men but also for women and even younger girls on hormone pills. (there are other reasons for thinning too).


Products as nutrition: HSN-W (hair, skin and nails), Horestail (silica), Zinc (hair that has gone coarse), 7-Keto (sluggish thyroid type of hair probems).

HEART: There are some serious problems out there with the heart and some not as serious. It is especially good to be early with natural nutritional aids. Things such as uneven pulse and extremely rapid pulse (tachycardia), and angina, respond well to dietary changes and/or herbal supplements.


Not for people on blood thinners or other heart and circulation drugs.


Products as nutrition: Co Q10-50, (all cells), Flax Seed Oil (capsules), Ginkgo Biloba (thins blood), HS-11 (pulse, feeds heart muscle, angina), Mega-Chel (maximise circulation), Omega 3 EPA.



See "BOWEL" above.

JOINTS: The joints can be affected by damaged muscles, tendons (sinews) and ligaments, arthritis, pain, gout, stiffness when aging and more. Dietary factors come into play plus damage from accidents. Gout and arthritis are very hard conditions to deal with and many times what works for one will not work for another. Also various foods affect some but not everyone else.


Products as nutrition: Anti-Inflam, Calcium Magnesium with Vit D, Devil's Claw, Everflex, Feverfew/high parthenium, Fibralgia, Glucosamine/Una De Gato, IF Relief, Joint Food Complex, MSM taplets, MSM Powder, MSM and Glucosamine cream, Skeletal Strength, Tei Fu massage lotion, Yucca.

KIDNEYS: When kidneys are in trouble animal proteins may cause greater pain because they are harder to deal with. Each individual needs to ascertain this for themselves.


Products as nutrition: All Cell Detox (cleanse), BP-X (urine flow), Co Q10-50 (all cells), Cranberry and Buchu Concentrate (not if infection is very severe), Dandelion, Horsetail (tonic, diuretic), Hydrangea (gravel), JP-X (antiseptic action), K (Kidney Activator), Liver Cleanse (LIV-A), Parsley (odoema).

LIGAMENTS: The fibrous tissue that connects bones to other bones.


Products as nutrition: Calcium Magnesium with Vit D, Glucosamine/Una De' Gato, Joint food complex, MSM capsules, MSM Powder, Skeletal Strength (SKL), White Oak Bark.

LIVER: A suggish liver means the systems are not being kept clean of toxic material. The liver is responsible for many functions and is one of the most important organs for general health.


Products as nutrition: Dandelion, LIV-A (Liver Cleanse), St Mary's Thistle, Gall Bladder Formula (BLG-X), Milk Thistle Combination, CoQ10-50mg.

LIPS: Dry lips, and cracks as well are a sign of B2 deficiency. It is best to get this in a complete B complex formula.


Products as nutrition: Vit B complex capsules. Rosehips (has vit B and B2 in it).

LUNGS: The lungs can have many problems including asthma and/or mucous problems causing constant deep coughing.


Products as nutrition: ALJ, ALJ liquid, Marxhmallow & Fenugreek, (coughing from mucous congestion), Marshmallow, Mullein (not for children). Breathe Activator (formerly Breathe EZ).

LYMPH GLANDS: An important part of the lymph system to help keep unwanted agents from circulating through the circulation.


Products as nutrition: IGS 11 (cleanse and help function), Lymphomax (drainage), Megachel (via circulation).

MUSCLES: Many problems can arise through lack of exercise and because of exercise. A quandary?


Products as nutrition: Target Endurance (after exercise), White Oak Bark (tone), Anti-Inflam (inflamed),

Fibralgia (pain, stiff etc), Herbal CA (spasms/cramps), IF Relief (after exercise/massage)), Sarsaparilla, (spasms)Skeletal Strength (SKL) (build).

NAILS: A problem for many with breakages and other weaknesses. Fizzy drinks can weaken calcium and thus affect the nails along with a whole host of other body areas and functions.


Products as nutrition: Horestail (silica), HSN-W (hair/skin/nails), Zinc (white patches on nails).

NERVES: The condition of the nerve fibres and the entire nervous system can affect our stress levels and consequently many other levels of health including the memory. (see "Brain" section higher up).


Products as nutrition:  Damiana (sexual dysfunction due to nervous problems).

NERVES: Eight, Nervous Fatigue, HVP, Feverfew /high partenium, Valerian Root.

STRESS: Licorice Root (adrenal stress), HVP, Nutricalm, Anti-Anx, Adrenal Support, St Johnswort, GGC,

Vit B Complex capsules, Vit B Complex (balanced re Vit B 12) tablets.

BRAIN: Lecithin (nerve sheath), Ginkgo Biloba Time Release, Brain protex with Huperzine, Focus Attention.

SLEEP: HVP, Chamomile,

MOOD! Sam-E, Ginkgo Biloba/Gptu Kola.Bacopa.



Products as nutrition: Dong Quai to nourish, False Unicorn to build/strengthen.



Products as nutrition: Pro-Pancreas (tone the pancreas and also helps the liver and the digestive, glandular, urinary and immune systems). Liver Cleanse/LIV-A (helps the pancreas too), Co Q10-50 (all cells),


Regulate sugar: HY-C, Nopal.

PROSTATE: Major problems are occurring in the prostate gland from general discomforting signs and symptoms, such as frequent and incomplete micturition right up to cancerous situations. It pays to get a formal diagnosis if it has a worrying effect on the mind. If it is minor symptoms there is natural help at hand. Wonderful results have been experienced. Even if an operation has been performed the epilobium can be taken at the same time from all reports read. This can ease side effects of treatment and help recovery time from the same.


Products as nutrition: Epilobium, Men's Formula, Saw Palmetto, Saw Palmetto Concentrate, X-A.







Skin Health






  CC-A Click Here


For nutritional relief of the
common cold and hay fever
type symptoms. A wonderful
combination of herbs.




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