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(NSP = Nature's Sunshine Products)


FOUNDERS: The Hughes family of Utah, USA.


The founders creed is:

‘helping people to help themselves to a healthier, happier life’.

They were the first to encapsulate herbs.


Natures Sunshine Products is a well known company and has been operating in New Zealand from 1979, so it is a very well established and much loved company. It has a lovely homely atmosphere.


You will feel most welcome.


It started in Utah, USA in 1972 when the founders, members of the Hughes family, decided to find an easier way to take Cayenne Pepper. People were very much aware that 'Capsicum' was extremely good for the nourishment of the circulation, and were having to endure 'hot' sensations when drinking or eating it. So the founders sat around their kitchen table and started filling capsules. They then introduced these to the health shops, and from there advanced into other products. Later they introduced MLM with a marketing plan.


Gene Hughes was already well founded in taking herbs such as in garlic sandwiches, as his mother was obviously herbal wise, so later when he developed stomach discomfort, this led to taking cayenne pepper to alleviate it. His wife suggested putting the cayenne into capsules for the ease of taking it.

They then enlisted family members to share in the forming of their now very successful world wide herbal business with subsidiary organisations located in Venezuela, Japan, Canada, Colombia, the United Kingdom and Ireland, The Russian Federation, Peru, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Panama, Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Ecuador and Israel. The Company also has exclusive distribution agreements with selected companies located in Australia, Argentina, New Zealand and Norway.


Over the centuries, when problems arose, people have reached out for naturally growing herbs, making infusions where necessary, or if able, eating the herbs as they grow.


The Hughes family were already well into having culinary herbs that helped their health, and were the first to encapsulate the herbs, and this must have been such a blessing for many, as some herbs infused for drinking are horrid. Others are quite pleasant or palatable though.


NSP's aim was to make the finest, purest, effective and highest quality products possible, and they have achieved just that, and continue to do so, ever increasing their range and innovative methods.


Natures Sunshine Products are renown for the high quality of their herbs and their Vitamins and Minerals. They do not use any fillers in the final product or add anything such as drugs, as some companies have been found to do.





The raw herbs are put through stringent testing and are instantly rejected if there is any sign of contaminants or fillers, or low quality of nutrients and other factors.


Radiation, dead insects, insect droppings and fillers are many times found in the raw material and it
is good to know that this is not acceptable to some companies. They are also very particular that the
nutrient level is what it claims, so a poor quality crop is rejected and will be rejected until a 'perfect'
batch is received.


So only the finest raw materials are used and they are gathered from the Americas, Europe, Africa
and the Orient.



No fillers or drugs, or anything else except what is stated , are added to the final product.

Only natural organic/plant forms of preservatives would ever be used, such as Vitamin C which is a natural stabiliser.

  •  NSP spends over $1 million annually on quality assurance.
  • They conduct a total of 125 tests on all raw materials.
  • Their products are tested in house by world leading scientists and doctors.
  •  NSP has first pick of raw herbs so they get the very best.


So NSP is very particular about what they are offering to put inside their own, and other people's systems. They are very caring.


The other great thing is that they bypassed the middleman and allowed individuals to become members, to enable them to procure the products at much more affordable prices straight from the company, and also to have the opportunity to build a business for themselves if they so wished.


This was in the form of MLM. This has now ceased and only "shops", either real stores or online selling, can get these products direct from the company.


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Skin Health






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For nutritional relief of the
common cold and hay fever
type symptoms. A wonderful
combination of herbs.




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