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My name is Robyn and I am interested in helping people understand how herbs, and combinations of herbs, can help to nourish the various systems and organs in the body.


Many times there is a fault in the diet, or in the workings of our systems that can cause a deficiency to occur, and this can cause discomfort in our lives.

Also past treatments used could cause, or add to an imbalance.


Below is a little bit about me and how I came to choose firstly, to not have any drugs if I could help it, and secondly, how I came to know about natural means of treating oneself.


I am an ex nurse who has decided that 'alternative' methods are far safer than orthodox treatments when dealing with problems.


I have been dealing with herbs along with a range of other Vitamins and Minerals since 1980, and for 13 years before that I used only dietary methods to deal with any health discomforts that arose in my children and myself. (I had not heard of encapsulated herbs before then).



My experience in hospital:


I had experienced very scary things in hospital work, and I especially remember how we all felt when told to read the toxic side effects of drugs before administering them to the patients.


Usually the list started with the word “rash”, but some of them ended with the word "death”. I waited with bated breath for something really bad to happen. Now that was very scary and I became very wary of these substances.


When I contracted a very bad case of the flu' I was sent to sick bay and made to stay in bed for 2 weeks. They gave me drugs which I HAD to take, and these drugs made me feel worse. (In those days nurses had to live at the hospital and do as Matron said. She was, in effect, our mother). They would not let me go home to my parents, who were only 10 minutes away and would have come and got me, to get over this flu' naturally as we always did at home.


Suddenly, after the 2 weeks of strict bed rest, apart from going to the toilet, I was told I could go and convalesce at the nurses home, still not allowed to go to my parents, and I nearly collapsed getting out of the sick bed and walking up the corridor for the first time. (I was also taken off the drugs).


I decided then and there that drugs were not a good thing for me. It had to be the drugs having that bad effect on me as I was more than familiar with the course that influenza takes, and it was nothing like this.

I'm glad it happened like that though, as it put me off drugs in general for the rest of my life! I knew though that certain drugs might be necessary at some point, depending on the circumstances.



I must say here that I am sensitive to foods and allergens, so maybe another person might not have reacted as I did to the drugs. I do admit to taking pain killers for toothache as my teeth deteriorated, and I had an intramuscular pain killer to help me through labour for my first child, but aside from those drugs everything was treated naturally for myself and later on for my children after an episode with penicillin.


When people ask me about my GP and I say I have none, they are astounded and I am left wondering how “medically minded” people in general have become, even rushing off to the doctors for colds and other minor discomforts. I am sure there are very many like minded people, like myself, out there treating things safely though.


I do believe that the medical world has its rightful place for certain situations, when there is no other alternative, and they do a marvelous job in the surgeries performed and other life saving procedures. In fact we couldn't do without them, so I'm just making the fact clear that I appreciate all roles played in the health field.



How I came to learn about natural treatments:


When my children were very young I was given a book to read, written by Harry Benjamin on the subject of “Nature Cure”. He was quite famous and cured himself of blindness no less. His two books that I am familiar with are named "Everybody's Guide to Nature Cure' and "Better sight without Glasses". He has written other ones too I think.


The reason I needed this book very badly was because my son, then 3 years old, was constantly coming down with very bad tonsillitis which made him bed ridden for days each time. By the time he was well enough for us to walk to the Doctor's, he was already obviously starting to get over it, but we felt that we must “see to it”. The Doctor, of course, would give him liquid Penicillin each time, telling me that it would not harm him. (But I wondered and worried about that).


A lady across the road saw the trouble we were in and kindly gave me her copy of the book to read.

After reading it and believing it, I emptied my cupboards out of everything that was not in as natural a state as possible.


A friend up the road was delighted and kindly took them off my hands for her family to eat. (Later on she followed my example to help her family, who were in a far worse state than mine. With great success I might add).


Thankfully my two children were young enough not to make waves about our change in diet, (3 years and 11 months), and I made sure they still had tasty meals to enjoy.


I made my own “regime” based on things I had heard and read, plus some of the principles in the book, as I knew we would not completely enjoy the foods that Harry Benjamin recommended. (He was from a different country and ate different foods).


One of the principles was to always eat the raw food first at meal times, and that was the new rule in our house. At first the children sat and looked at the meal and were not too keen, but it took less than a week to have them eagerly looking forward to each and every meal and lapping up the salad or fruit with great enjoyment, and even asking for raw food throughout the day, which was never denied. (Thankfully we had loads of fruit growing on trees and vines in our yard). It became the mainstay in our diet and the follow on food at each meal was just to get the necessaries in the protein, fat and starch fields. We were loving it.


We became remarkably healthy with great colouring to our skins and everything glowed. For the first time I had great muscle tone, something I had never had before. (I was 29 years old). Also I could go out in the sun for a short time and instead of burning, I would always get a golden tan. A first for me, so obviously the new diet had released the melanin in my system. Before that I never ever went brown, only red.


My son never needed the Doc again and never had tonsillitis again. When he did have it, Doc would say

“Ugh, these are the worst I have ever seen”. They were very swollen and purple with white pustules all over them. After a month on the new diet I examined his tonsils and for the first time since he was a baby they were a healthy pink, and a normal size. I was so glad!


I was proud of my children for taking so kindly to the new eating program. My daughter was only 11 months old and she busily chomped away on her salads too, with her less than complete set of teeth. Fruit was never a problem anyway and they were allowed to freely eat as much fruit as they wanted whenever they wanted.


We ate starch only once a day and protein twice, never mixing the two, and it had to be after the raw part of the meal. Inbetweens were always fruit or a bit of honey if asked for. We also ate nuts and dates and always had them raw as well. Dried fruit was eaten regularly as well. We ate eggs and dairy products, (no meat or fish at all), rain water was caught and stored for drinking, and honey was our only sweet substance out of a pottle, plus vegemite as the only other spread. We had wholemeal bread, brown rice and potatoes for starch, and I made our own yoghurt plus the children drank raw goats milk which was delivered to our box regularly.


For special occasions I baked wholemeal cakes and did the usual icing addition, but I coloured the icing with a little bit of  home made vegetable juice which could not be tasted in such a sweet topping, but the colours of these natural colourings is so beautiful. The cake itself was always sweetened with honey.


We went on the recommended fruit only days if we got something wrong with us, but after a short while we did not need to do this. Fruit diets are amazing for getting rid of catarrh.


That was years ago of course and things change over the years.


My introduction to herbs:


In 1980 I first started using “Licorice Root”. (no not the lolly...) It came in capsule form and is still on the single herb list. (Nutrition for the adrenal glands).


This simple herb helped me to have driving lessons without the stress. Before I started taking it I was a total mess learning to drive, and apparently my 2 children and I all needed this herb for the inner stress, the adrenal stress that many suffer from, that “tied up in knots inside” feeling. After I started taking it near misses and mistakes didn't bother me one little bit, I was very laid back!


A Naturopath who was well versed in iridology told us this at a friends house where they were having a gathering and it was a great start in a new field for us. I was now “hooked”.


I signed up as a member/independent distributor of NSP and started getting the herbs for friends, family and  acquaintances.



So that was my road to the herb world and I am totally delighted with all the interesting experiences I have had over the years.


I do hope you can also get great benefits from today's selections.


My regards to you all.






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